Sunday, August 28, 2011

God's Address !

Face-espiegle What is God's Address?? But first,

Eye Specialist: Read the letters on that wall.
Patient: What wall!! which wall, Doctor!!

>> The phone was ringing. The wife picks it up, & after a second, comes angrily to her husband>>
Wife: Who the hell is Rosie?!
Husband: That's.. that's.. err.. my Boss's pet dog!! Why do you ask?!
Wife: Well!! your boss's pet dog has called. It wants to speak with you!!

Husband: What is the problem with you?! You keep on replying "wrong number!!" to every phone call recently!
Wife: They were calls from the people who gave you loans!! Shall I give you the receiver the next time someone calls??

Mother: I will give you a brand new 10 rupee note if you behave properly!!
Son: I don't want the new note, but you can give me an old 50 or 100 rupee note.

(At a bus stop, a man who had an habit of teasing women)
The Man: Madam, I think I have seen you somewhere..
Woman: Oh!! I remember where I have seen you!! I am a nurse in a mental hospital & that is where I saw you & keep seeing persons like you. But those who get discharged don't behave this way. When did you escape??!!

A famous singer was sitting in a sorrowful mood.
Someone: Why, sir!! are you sad??
Singer: Today two elderly persons at the music function asked me whether I knew to sing
Someone: It was an ordinary crowd, not knowing much about music & singing, why do you worry??
Singer: It was not before, but after the programme!!

Sati Savitri>> A drama, Sati Savitri was going on in a college.
In the play, Satyavan & Savitri in the forest, were tired & came under a tree. Savitri sat under the tree & Satyavan said, "Oh dear! I am very tired and have a severe headache" & slept on her lap.
The actress playing Savitri forgot that they were acting in a play, and shouted, "How many times should I tell you not to lie on my lap!!", pushing him away, "see, how my parents and the rest of the college is staring at us!! Fool!! Don't you have any shame??!!"

And Finally,
God's Address>> A lame beggar was begging in front of a temple, "In the name of god..." He used to get 1 rupee, 50 paise, 25 paise only. From morning till evening, he made about 50 rupees.
In the evening, when he sat front of a bar, he started getting 10, 50.. rupee notes. He made more than 100 rupees within half an hour. He then prayed, "God, you have one address and you dwell at another!!"

That's all for now. Until next time... :)
- Prahaasa Face-espiegle

Image credit :  Face-espiegle.svg By Moi. (De mon disque dur.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's not good to talk while eating..

Student: Would you punish me for some thing I didn't do?
Teacher: No, of course not! Now why would I do such a thing?!
Student: Phew! That's a relief, I didn't do my homework.

A history teacher & his wife were sitting at a table. The wife asked. 'Anything new at
He replied, 'No, I'm teaching History.'

Two old ladies were attending a function. One leaned over the other & whispered: My butt is going to sleep. 'I know,' replied the other, 'I heard it snore three times.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Where is god?

Boobanna: What is the height of stupidity?
Raamanna: Hmm... How tall are you?

Customer: Waiter! Waiter!! There's a fly in my soup..
 Don't worry Sir! The spider in your meal will get it..
Saint: Where is god?
Little Boobanna: In our bathroom, sir!
Saint: What nonsense! Who said that?
Little Boobanna: I did, sir! My father always stands before the bathroom and shouts, "Oh God! You are still in there.."